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Nycoma Way Sweet Serenity













OFA Hips: Mild 

OFA Elbows: Normal

OFA Heart: Normal Echocardiogram

CERF: Normal Annually and Normal ACVO at 8 weeks

EIC: Affected

Optigen B, Carrier

Whelped: July 6, 2006

Stevie is a very sweet, yet naughty girl.  She loves to cuddle and is a great lap-warmer, but she is just as happy 
stirring up the pack, stealing my socks and mittens, or leaping at my backside to try and take a piece of the bootie.

I love her duplicitous self and I have such high hopes for her future.  She has done very well in limited showing, and I look forward to getting her out in 2009.  Stevie is affectionately known as "Stevie Nickie" and "Nicka Doo" for her namesake.

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